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当協会について About Us



宗教は最高の福祉でなければなりません。当協会はトリニティ計画に基づき、3事業 (3Cs) を一体的に遂行します。子宮から天国まで面倒を見ます。事業を推進するため、寄付をお願いしています。




I WE with the Bible of the Old Testament as the Prophesy and the New Testament as the Covenant being the only holy book, believe the legitimate Christianity which accepts Jesus Christ the Lord which is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
II WE Whether the Protestant, the Catholic, the Orthodox Church, or other groups, respect all the evangelic individuals and organizations which believe in the legitimate Christianity, and follow the spirit of the Apostles of loyalty and martyrdom, and protecting autonomous independence from any other individuals or organizations, teach the Gospel to all races, areas, and worlds.
III WE consider all the anti-Evangelic individuals and organizations which have thoughts and activities against Christianity or Christians, and which approve and cooperate them as the devils, and with every metaphysical and physical powers, fight against the devils to the last one.

Religion should be the highest welfare. We promote the following 3 enterprises (3Cs) as unity on the Trinity Project. We will care you from the womb to the Paradise. So in order that this may continue the activities substantively and completely, we ask you for support broadly from now on.

1. Church Enterprise - Propagation of Christianity
In Japan, Asia and the world, we project erection, management and support of the Churches. We spread right understanding and recognition about Christianity, and we strive so that people as many as possible may be atoned and saved.
2. College Enterprise - Enlightenment of Evangelology
In Japan, Asia and the world, we project establishment, management and support of the Schools. We teach the true doctrine to people who accept Jesus Christ.
3. Charity Enterprise - Promotion of Relief Work
In Japan, Asia and the world, we project foundation, management and support of the Charities We provide unfortunate people with water, food, housing, energy, education and safety.

We need you eagerly who feel and work together on our idea in folowing specialities.

(1)Language - Hebrew, classic Greek, Latin, others
(2)Logic and Science - Logic, Mathematics, Computer, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, others
(3)Religion - Theology, Bibliography(Bibliology), Ecclesiastical history, others
(4)Various learning - Archaeology, History, Geography, Literature, Philosophy, others